#1 New Release

Gratitude Growth
Activity Book

This activity book is specifically designed to strengthen the muscle of Gratitude. Cultivating the mindset of gratitude can be powerful in developing resilience, positivity, increasing Emotional Intelligence and overall well being!


  • Lessons on Gratitude, Kindness, Empowerment and so much more
  • Puzzles, Maze, Word-search, Coloring page, Journal Page, Games
  • Provides Prompts to engage critical thinking & creativity
  • Encourages communication and connection  
  • PERFECT for Car Rides, after school, before bed, while traveling, 
increase your child's Emotional Intelligence "Toolbox"
Each Activity book in this series cultivates tools that your child
can use for a lifetime of empowerment

One of the most powerful things that we can cultivate in our children is their own ability to navigate their life and their world. We do not have control over what may happen outside of ourselves. However, we do have control over how we think about it, how we choose to learn from events and move forward with more courage, wisdom, and happiness. 

These activity books are centered around:

  • introducing some of the “tools”
  • How to work with or practice the tools
  • To open communication between us and our child
  • To create empowered connections and environment to grow as a family

About The Author

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Helen Lee has been both personally & professionally dedicated to understanding the power of the mind- body connection through her practice as an holistic chiropractor. Dr. Helen understands the significance of nurturing the mind for personal empowerment. During her career, the author has discovered a fundamental truth: while we may lack control over external circumstances, we hold the reins to our own internal world. Driven by this philosophy, the author believes in the transformative power of personal growth, emphasising the importance of learning, consciously choosing, and continuous practice of self-awareness.

Having witnessed the transformative effects of cultivating a resilient and empowered mindset in her patients, Dr. Helen envisions extending this impactful knowledge to younger generations. Her mission has grown to include creating resources & tools specifically tailored for children, recognizing them as the architects of our future. By planting the seeds of empowerment early in their lives, our children have a greater opportunity to grow with adaptability, creativity, and ability to navigate their future as they want it. Alongside her husband, they are inspired by and cherish the incredible light and wisdom of their daughter. 

Dr. Helen Lee
Holistic Doctor, Author, and Mother.

Why Choose the Practice of Gratitude for Your Child?

Self Empowerment

The focus of these activity books is to encourage children to tap into and heighten their awareness of the innate capacity to nurture their minds. The mind is our intrinsic gift which possesses incredible power. Moreover, the manner in which we shape our thoughts, whether positively or negatively, has the potential to either support or hinder us throughout our lives.

Gratitude has been widely recognized as a powerful feeling which can positively affect our mental, emotional and physical well being. When deliberately practiced, this feeling of gratitude can evolve into a powerful instrument for empowering one’s mind and perspective on life. 

This activity book is deliberately designed to take your child on a step by step journey of not only learning about gratitude but the PRACTICE of it. The more we practice, the more it becomes an automatic way of being. 

What Parents &Kids Are Saying

This is a complete game changer for the next generation of children.

I love this book because it encompasses everything I want to teach my daughter.

Until I came across the book I had to come up with all these ideas myself and I didn’t always find the right words or tools to explain to my 7 year old how to handle emotions or different challenges.

The daily exercises are so much fun and make self development simple. It breaks down the complicated concepts of life and make it not just easy to explain but also to implement.

It was so amazing to see my daughters face light up while she was doing the exercises. It is the first work book that she is actually excited to do without me having to ‘make her’ 🙂 I just LOVE it and cant wait to share it!


Finance, Mother & Student of Life

I love the book, it’s the best book I have read in my life.
The words are so powerful to me, they make me feel so happy and inspired.
I love the coloring and the words.
It just makes me feel so happy.
You should definitely make this into a real book.
Skye 7years old

Review of Gratitude Book

As both a Montessori teacher and a parent, I am witness to the rapidly changing climate of the world in which our children are growing up in. They are surrounded by screens and technology at a very impressionable and early age. 

This is the perfect time for a book like this to encourage thoughtfulness, self-empowerment, positive thinking and create an opportunity for families to connect and grow together in a more wholesome and cohesive way.

This is not just another journal nor activity book. It introduces carefully designed exercises that not only highlights concepts of gratitude, kindness, and self empowerment but also nurtures critical thinking and community. I found myself wanting to do many of the pages myself as reminders!  I highly recommend this book for your child and you!


Lawyer, Montessori teacher, & Mother

I give this book a million stars! It taught me a lot about how to be grateful. And the best part is that it was really fun at the same time.

Suraya 9 years old

Review on Gratitude Book

Upcoming Books

More books in this series to come to build on your child’s toolbox of empowerment.